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Member's Convoy Guidelines

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Member's Convoy Guidelines

Post  Admin on Wed Feb 02, 2011 3:27 am

Please Take Note:

Member's Convoy Guidelines
Before convoy:
1. Please be punctual proceeding to the gather point.
2. Please pay attention to the convoy briefing in detail

During convoy:
1. Please follow the car in front of you EXCEPT marshall team.
2. No racing allowed.
3. Maintain in safe distance as possible. (ONE car distance)
4. For the convoy members with walkie, ONLY marshall team allowed to communicate each other by walkie UNLESS accident. For members, listen only
5. DO NOT stop or overtake the car infront of you UNLESS accident
6. At traffic light, Marshall team will seperate into extra 1-2 lane(s). Convoy member try to follow the marshall car and get back to your position after the traffic light.
7. Keep some distance for braking(2-3 second safety<--learned during undang-undang) when the speed reach 80km/h.
8. Only CASH allowed when for passing the toll.
9. If you failed to follow the car infront and lost. Try to contact the marshall team by mobile phone or walkie talkie.
10.Please switch on your headlights during convoy.
11.NO hazard light (double signal) on during convoy
12.KEEP the car in front of you in sight
13.No strobe lights and sirens
14.If accident or break down and contact marshall team ASAP. DON'T STOP for the rest of the convoy members, keep your eye on the convoy EXCEPT marshall team.

In TT place or gather point:
1. No stunts and showing off (e.g wheel spinning, drifting and etc that will danger ppl around and also spoil JOJ image at the same time)

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