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Newbies only!!! INTRO format

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Newbies only!!! INTRO format

Post  Admin on Wed Feb 02, 2011 4:45 am

Dear forum users, please note that this forum is only meant for newbies to give shoutouts and say hi and introduce themselves to the existing members.

Please do not start a thread if your post count is 10 or higher. Everyone is allowed to reply threads but only for welcoming purposes. No chatting or joking about or answering queries already available on other forums.

Any thread irrelevant to the forum will be automatically locked and deleted as usual.

To the newbies, please take this chance to introduce yourselves. Don't worry, JOJs don't BITE! lol!

Please try to start your own new thread for introducing yourself. Please try not to share introducing thread with other new members.

That way, hopefully better understanding and communication will be achieved. Its easier to get and provide information too

Introduce Format:
Name :
Type of Car:
Color of your car:
Years of your car:
How do you know about JOJ:
JOJ registered number:

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ASSALAMUALAIKUM dan salam perkenalan utk semua JEMAAH.

Post  Ichigo on Sat Feb 19, 2011 7:54 pm

Name :Ichigo
Type of Car:Kenari AeroSukan
Color of your car:Putih
Years of your car:2007
How do you know about JOJ:BukuMuka dan kwn2 KCDN..
JOJ registered number:Belum Tau Lagi....


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